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What steps should you take if you are sexually harassed?

If you are sexually harassed at your office, you must contact the gender discrimination attorney and take guidance on your case. However, there are many other things that you need to do in order to resolve the matter in good faith. Fighting the case in court is a different thing and coping with the bad culture at your organization is another. Therefore, you need to address the matter carefully and should take steps which would be appropriate in the said circumstances. These steps are based on general circumstances of sexual harassment and things might differ depending on your specific case. If you are not familiar with the legal provisions related to such employment cases, you should seek immediate advice from an experienced professional and should make it certain that you are following the right path. Reporting the incident to the higher authorities is a must if the offense is of serious nature. Sexual harassment is becoming common these days and there are different reasons for this misconduct. You should be well aware of all your rights in the given scenario to properly accuse the oppressor about the misconduct.

Steps to follow:

Following is a list of steps that you should follow in order to file and win the case against a person who is responsible for sexual harassment.

• Make sure that you are not involved in the conduct and you have a total unwelcoming gesture towards the oppressor
• Try to document all the things which happened, this will help you create a trail of events and these could be presented for further references
• Take appropriate advice from an experienced and professional sexual harassment attorney to better deal with the matter
• Report the issue to higher management, and if there is no proper response from their side consider filing the case
• Consult with your lawyer on how to deal with the harasser after you have filed the case against him

February 25, 2020