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What is circumcision and when it is performed?

Circumcision is the removal of extra skin from the top of penis for multiple reasons. There are religious, cultural and health reasons for doing this thing. However, for whatever reason people are doing this, there are certain medical benefits that are associated with the treatment. In this article, we will read about the basic things about vasectomy price vazektomia cena), what are the reasons for which it is performed and when is the appropriate time for this treatment.

Apart from the religious reasons, doctors recommend circumcision for two main reasons:

● Sometimes the foreskin is unable to retract and as a result different medical conditions arise.
● In some parts of world, it is believed that the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is reduced if the boys are circumcised

When is the appropriate time?
The most appropriate time for this treatment is within one to two days after birth as the procedure would take lesser time and the recovery would also be fast. When older boys are circumcised, it takes around an hour for the complete surgery and it takes more time for them to heal.

The comparison of risks and benefits of this treatment is a debatable issue. There are some risks associated with the operation and people might face irritated glans, bleeding and pain after they are circumcised. There is also a risk of injury to penis during the surgery. However, there are a lot of benefits too that they would be able to enjoy only after they remove the foreskin attached to their penis and the risks can easily be tackled if you choose the right place for your surgery. It is not a very costly method and to know more about the obriezka cena, you should checkprices on the internet and also compare them after visitinghospitals personally.

January 22, 2020